It was the start of the Christmas break for me and with the weather looking not too bad for a good sunrise I headed off to the East Coast of Scotland and the small village of St Monans. This a beautiful spot and has a well photographed breakwater. I’d hoped to get a good sunrise and a nice glow on the breakwater but it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

As we pulled up in the car (after a flat tyre warning delayed us for 20 minutes) we could see a really nice sunrise developing. I also though I spotted a wave crashing over the sea wall. Surely not as there was little wind?

Shak narrowly avoiding a soaking…unlike me. Twice.

As we walked along to the sea wall you could see where the water was coming over in places. Clambering up the wall to see the breakwater the sea was rougher than expected but there was excellent potential for a long exposure. Thats when I got my first soaking from a wave – just on one side but enough to make me proceed with a bit more caution.

I took some quick shots and looked for the best composition as time was against us and there was a cloud blocking the sun. Shak had his Nikon setup in one position so I moved further along and took some long exposures. We then swapped and I thought I’d got some really good shots.

What I hadn’t realised was the amount of spray that the polariser and filters had picked up. Aggghhh. Seems obvious in hindsight but on the Fuji’s screen the images looked really clean. While the long exposures were doing their thing I popped the drone up for a quick spin – St Monans looks so pretty from the air.

To cap the day off as I was landing the drone I got another soaking Рbrilliant! At that point it was time to get packed and get off the wall as the sea was getting a bit rougher and I was wet enough. Two lessons for the day. Firstly, pack some wet wipes and check/clean the filters and polarisers throughout the shoot. Secondly set off in plenty time in case you hit something unexpected. It would have added 20 minutes to the day but we were in danger of missing the best conditions after a 90 minute drive thanks to the tyre delay.

So I’m left with images that require a lot of cleanup in Lightroom/Photoshop to remove sea spray. Despite the colour in the sky I can see this better as a B&W. St Monans however will require a revisit – what a great wee place with a windmill at the other end of the village and Elie just a couple of miles down the road.